The Benefits of Attending Industry Events

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The Benefits of Attending Industry Events

Regardless of whether you are attempting to draw in new clients, plan on running a crowdfunding effort, or you’re at the stage where you’re searching for financial backers to help your development – putting yourself out there and going to industry occasions can be of immense advantage to you and your group. These days, we have begun to build organizations, fund-raising events, administration systems, and E-commerce websites. However, there is yet something extraordinary about getting together and interfacing with key individuals in your industry eye to eye.

My name is Margo Lovett, and I am a podcast entrepreneur. I took up Podcasts as a hobby and continued doing it as a hobby for five years. Unfortunately, I had to take a break for a year because of some personal reasons. I got back to the game a year later in 2016 and hired a Podcast coach and entrepreneur to get back to my true lovemaking – Podcasts. After a year of learning and preparation, at 61, I released a Podcast – “Her Business, Her Vice, Her Conversations” in 2017. 

In May this year, I released a YouTube video called #PodFest 2021 Case Study Talk- from hobby to podcast entrepreneur, where I shared the fears and obstacles I faced when I got back to podcasting. It was an in-depth research process where I had to study podcasting and take it from being a hobby to becoming a Podcast entrepreneur. Another complex aspect of returning to podcasting was unlearning and relearning all the knowledge I previously had about Podcasts. I learned that taking this up efficiently would differ greatly from doing it as a hobby. After all the hard work and time, I gained the fruit of my efforts in the form of my website PODCASTACADEMYONLINE.COM. I created the academy to teach people how to create Podcasts. In the past year, I have done Podcasts with people like Susan L. Taylor—Founder and CEO of the National CARES Mentoring Movement, and Walter Tucker III—former Mayor of Compton. Recently, I had the privilege of leading a four-panel discussion for a Women’s organization called WomELLE. I have also created a free workbook for Podcasters called—The Reinvention Manifesto

I gained essential insights by being a Case Study Speaker at #PodFest 2021, which has played an integral role in my journey to success, and I would love to share some of the wisdom I gained. 

To begin with, I want to highlight the importance of SEO for Podcasts. At the #PodFest 2021,  Juergen Berkessel, the Co-founder and Creative Director of a digital strategy service, Polymash, generously made a pretty easy-to-follow guide for SEO available to all. Further, Juergen did a Q&A at the #PodFest 2021 that went on for over an hour, where he addressed the questions everyone in the audience had about SEO and its impact on shows. The Polymash Co-founder also showed the software he uses. 

It is imperative to understand that Podcasters are media. Beth Nydick, a certified holistic coach, shared her experience by speaking about deciding what platform will give the maximum following for one’s podcasts. Beth also stated that TV is the place to build credibility and clients.

I firmly believe that the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur is to build relationships that will support you in the long run. I have realized that building relationships through zoom chats and collaborations is helpful on one’s road to success. Beyond this key component, media exposure is a great tool to increase the reach of your Podcasts. 

Finally, I must emphasize that sitting through all the great masterclasses that I attended to solidify the reality of the industry was definitely worth it. I stand by the fact that the industry conferences were worth all my time and monetary investment. These factors were critical essentials in my path to success, and I want to share my experiences and notes to help other aspiring podcasters in the industry. I strongly recommend attending events in the Podcast industry to gain information and, most importantly, build relationships and networks that will help in the long run to make a successful career. 

In a computerized world, having the chance to interact face to face with people from the same industry can be pretty out of the ordinary. Let’s be honest—numerous agreements aren’t made at the workplace—they’re regularly made over supper, at the bar, or a golf course. Thus, face-to-face collaborations shouldn’t be limited. From producing new business to staying in touch with the most recent patterns of your industry, going to advertising occasions, gatherings, and meetings can be integral to the achievement of an organization’s or person’s development technique. Hence, I hope these insights have helped you gain a broader perspective and have motivated you to take the initiative to go out there to network and build relations in your industry. 

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