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Posse Newsletter

News Bites: August 12, 2022
This host-read podcast ad brings scrutiny; UK’s Advertising Standards Authority issues a caution!

News Bites: • Fem Aging 2020 ,• Skylark Collective ,• Podcast at your optimum best ,• Creator funds, podcast grants ,• Afro & Audio ,• Podcast Posse – grandfather into the community opportunity

News Bites:
Grio Daily, Rephonic Report, Stay safe in the summer, Creator funds, podcast grants, PodThon’22 – From Hobbyist to Podprenuer, Afro & Audio, Podcast Movement Dallas 2022

News Bites 7 22 2022
Podcast – Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown
Fathom. fm – press release
Highlighted podcast – Female Founders, episode 4
Anchor, using the text–to–speech feature.

News bites:
I Pod Touch discontinued.
Podcast Highlight – Podcast Pontifications episode 8 / Evo Terra.
Music lovers – have you met Tal Babitzky?
Spotify and the Wild Turkey ads.
Take care of yourself – drink water

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