Podcasts SEO: How to Make Your Podcast Rank – Google is Indexing Your Podcast

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Podcasts SEO: How to Make Your Podcast Rank – Google is Indexing Your Podcast

With internet marketing scaling new heights every day, new ways of reaching out to customers, existing and potential become innovative. Like video, audio too has emerged as a popular medium and entrepreneurs have stressed on them as direct SEO assets. Among the audio content, podcasts have become particularly effective.

While podcasting has grown in popularity as a medium to promote products, expertise, and network, not everyone gets a grip on the matter readily. Google has begun to index podcasts on titles, meta descriptions and spoken words – this making it easier for listeners to enter a word that leads to a podcast of their liking.
This indexing gives podcasters greater ability for discovery. Side note – podcasters, sprinkle key words into the script.
The opportunity is thus huge but are you ready to see your podcasts rank as yet? While the medium is growing rapidly, it is still not as frequently used as the traditional ones and this is where making a mark in podcasts SEO can make a difference if you know the tricks and apply them well.

Here are some ways to make your podcasts rank better:

Knowing the trend:
Just like with any other advertising campaign, where the host takes note of the trending words/topics, podcasts can also gain more traction if they’re built on the burning keywords. Check the search engine platforms to get effective keywords and make podcasts around them. You can also invite SEO experts and ask them questions about podcasts SEO and improving ranks of the podcasts.

The content is still the king:
A successful SEO strategy always involves high-quality and engaging content supported by technicalities and podcasts SEO is no different. Traditional content strategies include blog posts, articles, videos etc. while the potential of the podcasts remains overlooked by many. But even though there is no visual, yet you can make a great use of podcasts to drive in direct traffic while promoting your site and its offerings. Bring in experts to speak on podcasts, if possible, in short but continuous episodes so that they remain interesting and engaging. A good work in this pattern will invariably push your podcast ranking up.

The title wins half the battle:
Just like the title of a book or the headline of a story marks the first impression about what’s coming, the issue is the same with podcasts as well. For your podcast to find a place on iTunes or Google Play, you need to produce a productive title. The ranking algorithms actually attach much significance to the title of podcasts besides other factors like the number of people subscribing to it or the extent to which it got a positive review. By a productive title, we mean it should not just include technicalities like the most important keywords, so that it finds itself in tune with the algorithm but also something that’s found to be attractive. You can even add a subtitle to make your podcast more attractive to the listeners. The spelling and grammar need to be impeccable and the language should be clean to understand for all.

Optimize the RSS feed:
By optimizing the RSS feed, you can see your podcast syndicated on iTunes, Google Play, and many other podcast platforms. People subscribe to your RSS feed when they align themselves with your podcasts on any of these platforms. The feed also provides your podcast information to the platforms where the podcasts are available. When you try to update your show’s title or description, you need to update the same in your RSS feed. A good compatible RSS helps your podcast overall and contributes towards it getting a better rank.

Do you have that podcast voice?
With Google’s NLP capabilities getting better at picking verbalized keywords and this makes having a loud and clear voice important in promoting your podcasts. As a podcast host, you need to cultivate a voice which allows Google to interpret as many keywords and phrases in a single conversation as possible. For those not used to speaking regularly in front of a mic, it definitely takes some practice to perfect the skill. But one golden rule in the effort to become a good podcast speaker is to speak from your heart and gut and not just using the vocal cords. And to make your voice have an extra impact, you need to have not only clarity but also a thorough grip on the subject you are speaking on. If you have a killer voice, getting a good podcast rank is not too difficult a mission.

Back your podcast with a write-up:  
Just like subtitles make the viewers’ screen experience that much easier, having a write-up for each podcast for the convenience of the listeners and clients is always a wise step to take. If your website hosts the podcast episodes that you are airing, it even makes a better sense. When the listeners have a text (in the form of a summary) of what they are hearing on air, they can have a fair knowledge about the episode which is coming up and are at a lesser risk to miss out on something. This way, your podcast can hit its target audience better and the more the penetration, the better is its chance of going up the listeners’ lists of favorites.

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