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Margo Lovett
Last Update June 24, 2022
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About This Course

Welcome to Blueprint for Building Your Podcast, where you will learn how to build your podcast from the ground up at your own pace. 

The Blueprint videos are created for the person with little to no knowledge of podcasting but who wants to imagine, build and launch. 

It’s expected that you will have a complete podcast within three months, or you will have to re-enroll. At 90 days, you no longer have access to the courses

Blueprint For Building Your Podcast consists of eleven videos. 

  • The course begins with Theory – explaining what a podcast is. 
  • Then it’s on to the Mechanics of podcasting, starting with your “why” you are investing to become a podcaster. The Mechanics modules are extensive, covering how to build the vital structural pieces of your podcast. 
  • Technology is the third module. What equipment do you need to give a fabulous listening experience to your audience; this same equipment is necessary for you to guest on other podcasts! 
  • Graduates of the Academy, you are invited to join Podcast Posse. This is your next! 
  1. For accountability,  
  1. Access to a weekly industry newsletter,  
  1. 1-1 consulting with Margo Lovett, 
  1. And the entrance to a monthly peer-to-peer meetup; let’s share opportunities, how-to info, and cheer each other’s wins! 

I am your instructor Margo Lovett. – invested in your success. You will find everything you need to build your podcast here at Podcast Academy 


12 Lessons10h


Module 11:03:34
Module 21:57:00
Module 2 Podcast.co26:39:00
Module 2 Buzzsprout24:42:00
Module 2 Anchor15:18:00
Module 31:04:52
Module 3 Auphonic editing14:22:00
Module 47:26:00
Module 550:26:00
Module 5 Marketing Video Tutorial36:15:00
Module 657:14:00
Module 6 SEO Tutorial28:50:00

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Duration 10 hours
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