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Margo Lovett
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About This Course

Ladies & gentlemen welcome to the blueprint for building your podcast where you will learn how to build your podcast from the ground up. This is not a fast pace build rather an organic one that considers what you plan to do with your podcast, who you are, who your audience will be. We mix in the technical, business and the mindset shift that goes into podcasting – blend it all together and you learn to podcast from the “inside out” Remember, learning at the Academy is self-paced, and there are no stupid questions & every podcast built here is individually designed by the student themselves.

This, bluePrint for building your podcast, is a six-module learn at your own pace Academy built for adults who are authors entrepreneurs, those interested in how to build a podcast. The academy is appealing to those ready to envision design-build and launched its podcast

Some of you may be hobbyists – no worries! we build as though you are going to monetize from it – build it that way in case you change your mind.

Each module has a set of worksheets and there is a quiz at the end of each module – we celebrate as you finish each assignment

  • We identify you’re why your ideal listener.
  • Not leaving out, will you start out with a website or landing page!
  • I introduce you to equipment that is budget-friendly
  • We choose royalty-free music
  • What media host works best for you
  • Where & how to find your guest
  • The legalities of podcasting

We cover all of that and more so that you are well prepared to record your trailer & begin your episodes

By the way – you record 3 shows by Module 4 and releasing them to all the large platforms- Apple, Spotify, Stitcher

The Academy hosts a Q&A session – again, no stupid questions! Scheduled workshops will cover marketing, branding, SEO and keywords, and much more.

There is a vast resource library under construction at the Academy from equipment suggestions to books/magazines that will keep you informed concerning podcasting. Facebook groups you will want to visit. Information updated weekly!

you will find this to be a high-energy Academy. I am your instructor Margo Lovett. – invested in your success. You will find everything that you need to build your podcast right here at the podcast Academy online.


12 Lessons10h


Module 11:03:34
Module 21:57:00
Module 2 Podcast.co26:39:00
Module 2 Buzzsprout24:42:00
Module 2 Anchor15:18:00
Module 31:04:52
Module 3 Auphonic editing14:22:00
Module 47:26:00
Module 550:26:00
Module 5 Marketing Video Tutorial36:15:00
Module 657:14:00
Module 6 SEO Tutorial28:50:00

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