7 Habits Successful Writers and Podcasters Share

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7 Habits Successful Writers and Podcasters Share

Are you an aspiring artist dreaming of making it big? It must feel tough and tougher in the beginning stages. But I am here to tell you that the picture gets brighter and a lot more beautiful as you go ahead. 

And this article will guide you to reinvent yourself and reassure you to invest in your dreams. Some habits take you a long way in life. Here I have boiled it down to 7 highly effective habits that successful writers and podcasters have vouched for. These habits have been mentioned time and again in interviews and biographies of award-winning artists. So read along and get in the groove. It’s time to start. 

  1. Routine  

A strict routine is primary for creators. Some may argue that creativity is based on impulse and sudden bursts of passion. But passion has to be fine-tuned with routine. Organize all aspects of your life so that other simple things don’t hinder your creative process. There have been many successful artists who balanced another job with their creative passion. These kinds of ordeals need a routine to work. So, plan your days and stick to the routine. Just try and see how it works wonders for you. 

  1. Work everyday 

This point cannot be stressed enough. Write or speak or record. Whatever you want to create, work on it every day. I have seen aspiring artists looking for the right moment to start. Or being disheartened by one or two failed attempts. Skills can and should be sharpened. And doing it every day helps a lot. Toni Morrison, the Nobel-winning writer, used to write every day from 4 in the morning till she had to leave for her work at the Random House. The struggle is just a beginner’s hitch. Once you get into it, everyday exercise becomes part of your life—an enjoyable and cherished one at that. 

  1. Research  

Creativity is a personal vocation, I agree. But the subjects of our work have to be of the finest form. Research thoroughly and profusely. Before interviews, know your guest’s background in depth. And read, watch, speak and gather knowledge. Be assured that this time is not spent in vain. This helps you get a flow while creating. A well-informed mind doesn’t need rechecks and breaks to look up small details. When you have studied your topic carefully, the work becomes a lot easier and familiar. And to paraphrase Yvonne DiVita, the research is your service to the audience. You owe it to them to provide quality content.  

  1. Full involvement 

When you are working, work. Distractions are the most frightening thing in the creative process. If you are an old-school writer, get away from the gadgets and concentrate on the process at hand. But most of us these days need our laptops or phones to work. So it is fundamental that nothing except work is opened during the time set for it. Have the personal discipline to follow this. And find stress–free and calm environment to work. This will ensure fewer distractions. 

  1. Experiment 

Dwell out of your sphere and find new areas of interest. To maintain the attention of readers and listeners, your content should be novel, updated, and interesting. This usually means treading to multiple arenas and forms. Interviews, personal blogs, travel narratives, and more intriguing areas are waiting to be explored. And who knows, maybe you find your new forte among these adventures. 

  1. Network  

Meet and connect with new people in your field and related areas. Connections go a long way in our world. DaVita’s article ‘Are you an Author?‘ mentions this part as a writer’s “most important role.” Connect just for the sake of new acquaintance and possible friendships. And they may lead you to your dream project. Think of epic friendships like William Wordsworth and S.T. Coleridge or Ezra Pound and T. S. Eliot. These artists’ best works were produced as a result of their connections. And more connections mean more audience. Word of mouth may be an old ad tactic but is still as powerful and effective. 

  1. Advertise yourself 

There is no shame in marketing yourself. Au contraire, it gives your name more strength. Create your brand and sell it to your audience. Yvonne DiVita puts it in perspective when she says, “Because your book is a product you sell, and also a piece of yourself….” Use your social media handles, virtual summits, workshops, and other gatherings to give shout-outs to yourself. Search and find advertisement opportunities. Talk to successful podcasters which is a great marketer for books and boost your entrepreneurship. Celebrate yourself as the great artist you are every chance you get and own your life.  

I hope you learned something new or got reassured to continue your efforts. Believe in yourself and get ready to conquer the world! 

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