3 Reasons Why Canva is My Favorite Graphic Design Platform

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3 Reasons Why Canva is My Favorite Graphic Design Platform

Working as a podcaster opens the door to a lot of creative thoughts, memes, pictures for articles, social media banners, etc. Yes, we should have a graphic person on the team, but for most that happen down the line so let me tell you about Canva, a graphic design platform that lets you create beautiful designs from social media posts, presentations, book covers, business cards, logos and more!

I have used Canva for the last 3 years and they have really grown! Tech-savvy I am not, so I appreciate the drop-and-drag way of getting things done on this platform. What you can create with them is amazing. If at 2 am I decide to produce a video with music attached, I can build it here. Check out a video that I designed in under an hour!

Canva, a graphic design platform is the classroom‘s branding your business course is excellent because it answers the question of what is a brand, what branding means to you / your business, and why it matters. Since this is a graphic arts platform, they take you into creating your brand visually. This amazing class is free to Canva users.
Once I saw the opportunities at hand on Canva, I upgraded to Canva Pro which opened up all of the pictures I need ( 400k free, more pics starting at $1.00), unlimited storage for my designs, the ability to upload my own images, and what I really use is the resize option, like resize pics to become LinkedIn banners, YT thumbnails, etc. Canva Pro is under $15.00 a month and simply worth it because it is a workhorse.

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