The Podcast Academy is built for people who want to start a successful podcast
and looking for a way to learn from someone who’s been there.
Anyone can be a podcaster by simply plug in microphone and hit record.
The truth of a matter is, that to be a successful podcaster you need to be so much more:
a marketer, a digital expert, a negotiator, a writer, an organizational genius and a lot of other things!
By signing up with us, you will learn the skills that you need to know more than just podcasting.

Podcast Academy For The Adult Learners

The Podcast Academy was created by Margo Lovett as a way of helping people to become a successful podcaster in their niche.

I work with independent podcasters every day; I am a podcaster myself; with a goal to teach you the skills that no-one told you that you needed to succeed as a podcaster.

I have been in the industry for years and know what it takes to succeed and what the gaps are in podcasters’ knowledge. I just really love the industry – the more podcasters succeed, the better it is for the whole industry – we can create a successful podcast, together!

The Podcast Academy is your world of learning, anywhere, anytime!

All-In Monthly Membership

$35.00 A MONTH

There’s never been a better time to start a podcast for your business, brand, or a personal hobby.
By joining the academy, you will learn how to plan, record, and launch your podcast. Podcasts come in all shapes and sizes.
Podcast Academy will teach you and help you explore all of your option to start a podcast in an affordable price.
Join us today to get access to:

EVERY course & resource • Full step-by-step Launch program

Live Q&A sessions with us, every week • Community support & motivation

eBooks & guides to download • Tailored tools to cut time & stress

Checklists to save you time • And lot more.

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