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Built for the boomer woman leaving corporate, looking to reinvent and become an author, entrepreneur, podcaster! Join Margo Lovett and guests for how-to instruction, information, and inspiration each week!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which courses are included with my subscription?

When you subscribe to a course, you will have access to that course for as long as you have that subscription. If you want paid access to another course not included in your subscription, you’ll need to make another payment.

Are the video courses downloadable?

No, we don’t allow downloading of videos due to copyright protection.

What do I need to get started?

A strong desire to learn how to start a podcast and you should have a basic understanding of the Internet, how to find web sites, send email, ect…

Do I get feedback or critiques for the 7 Week Basic Podcast Building?

Yes, you will received feedback every step of the way from your instructor.


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